Products & Services

INPIRIO Ltd. is specialized in consulting services and production of spare parts for the GT Power Generation Market with main focus on production of new components, reconditioning of used parts, providing field service and reverse engineering. The majority of INPIRIO products are purchased directly by end customers like power plants or factories with own gas turbines. INPIRIO Ltd.

In case you cannot identify the item you have been looking for we are also able to offer to you new reverse engineered GT components in close cooperation with our affiliate INPIRIO Ltd. Product Portfolio includes:

Engineering Of New Parts

  • According to product specification
  • In compliance with highest international standards
  • Solutions for customer specific requirements

Upgrades Of Existing Designs

  • Extensive GT expertise
  • Improvement or redesign of existing OEM design
  • Combining GT operational experience and measurement data

High Precision Reverse Engineering Solutions

  • Long-term experience
  • State-of-the-art 3D CAD and CFD design software
  • CFD and FEM verification process
  • Design and manufacturing simulations for best product performance

On demand Inpirio Spares Gate offers the following services:

Identification And Acquisition Of Specific Components

  • support and assistance for clients regarding search process of needed spares

Provision Of Quality Inspection Of Parts And Equipment

  • performing incoming and onsite inspections of published spare parts
  • providing users with additional confirmation of required quality level

Issuance Of Relevant Quality Documentation

  • composing detailed quality documentation based on incoming and onsite inspections

Reconditioning Of Used Items

  • light, medium and heavy scope reconditioning of used parts in close partnership with INPIRIO Ltd.

Issuance Of Performance Warranties

  • providing performance guarantees for specific components based on issued quality documentation

Logistic Support And Delivery Of Components

  • assisting, optimizing or performing complete logistics and despatch of spares and equipment

Onsite Engineering And Consulting Services

  • assembly / disassembly of required spares, evaluation of components, supervision
  • maintenance optimization, risk assessment, CFD analysis, FEM calculations, reverse engineering