IMC International

After 20 years of successful business operations in Switzerland, we continue the tradition and broaden the quality. As a result of this, in Croatia, the portal is being created to enable you to click several times and find all the necessary, quality, and accurate information on the real estate being offered. It also provides you with the information on how to obtain them, likely investments in real estate business in the Republic of Croatia, and to track reliable partners for removals, construction/extension/refurbishment of your newly acquired property, without any additional stress!

What can we do to solve your problems?

We handle the paperwork for our advertised real property beforehand ( does not advertise real property without the necessary paperwork). All of the descriptions of our advertised real property are accurate to the letter.

There’s absolutely no way we’d ever advertise and sell real property with „100 % damp-proof walls“  whose paint would start to come off after a few months. Or that we’d sell you an apartment that was supposed to be your perfect home for the next 50 years, but you later find out that the „new“ water pipe has burst after just a year and your nice wooden floor gets destroyed.

We deal with these kinds of problems from the very start, before you even read through the published advertisement.

If, however, you want to purchase a real property in Croatia, you just have to send us an inquiry and we’ll take it over from there.

Or to put it more simply, you won’t have to hassle with any bureaucracy because we take care of that for you, according to Swiss standards. This means we have at our disposal an experienced team of lawyers who will deal with the endless number of regulations and procedures for you. We will check all of the sales and purchase information before they reach your desk.